When it comes to getting a new vehicle, how much money you spend is probably going to be a large factor to consider. You may not have the option of large monthly payments or a sizeable initial down payment for your new vehicle.Thankfully, Knight Automotive offers the option of leasing a new or used vehicle instead, which can be a bit more manageable - not to mention, you pay less sales tax on a lease than when purchasing a vehicle.

The benefits of leasing are not only confined to lower payments. Choosing to lease a vehicle might mean being able to afford a newer model, rather than settling for an older version when choosing the purchasing option. With leasing, you get to enjoy the perks of that new car smell and the latest technologies. If you decide you're not a big fan of your car a couple years down the road, you can visit a dealership and easily switch to a different vehicle with no trade-in hassles.
Aside from having a fancy new vehicle with low monthly payments, you'll also save on those scheduled maintenance visits as well. Under a lease, you will always have the vehicle's factory warranty on your side. If you purchase a vehicle, you are responsible for repairs once its warranty expires.
All in all, there are many benefits of leasing a vehicle rather than buying. It all depends on what you want and how much money you're willing to spend. Stop by Knight Automotive today and we will work with you to get exactly what you want!